The field of security has been fragmented and unable to solve complex problems.
New and existing talent, as well as those who transition from law enforcement and military, continue to struggle with building necessary skills for meaningful prevention of losses.

We believe that the way forward is to develop a class of asset protection generalists and polymaths. To
help with this, we have created the first continual learning platform for this new class. You will acquire
knowledge in 7 skill domains and have access to coaches who could help refine these skills.

Professional Polish
Operational Controls
Technological Controls
Physical Controls
Incident Management

Skill Domains + Asset Protection

The way forward for the field of security is to focus on asset management, psychology, and design while relying on generalists who can comfortably and convincingly deploy operational, physical, technological, and incident management controls for protection of assets, including people, information, reputation, and environments.

Here's how our platform works.

Self-assessment to help you determine your learning priorities


Knowledge management system with resources added monthly


$12.99 / month


Personalized coaching to help you refine your skills. No up-front payment.

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